Designed for your business Gives you an advantage Help your company grow Provides a fast development cycle. Requires no license fees Not as expensive as you think Made in the USA Our promise to you


Designed for the way you do business
For over 10 years AltSource has focused strictly on business applications, providing the quality, custom business solutions you need to power your business well into the 21st Century.
Gives you a competitive advantage
With today's rapidly changing technology, maintaining your competitive edge depends largely on staying ahead of the technology curve. Because a custom business solution is designed specifically for your unique business requirements, it simplifies your operations and increases your efficiencies, enabling your team to work faster and smarter.
Helps your company grow
As a dynamic, evolving business, you need software that can adapt and grow with your company. Custom business solutions are designed to meet not only today's requirements, but your future needs as well. While industry software is periodically upgraded, it can't evolve with your business' changing needs unless you purchase new software. Since custom software is created for your unique business operations, it’s naturally more scalable and agile, making it easier to modify current processes and add new ones as your company grows.
Provides a faster development cycle—it's true!
Industry-specific software can mean long learning curves and poor support, especially if you’re doing any customization. There’s no need to change business processes with custom software so the implementation is much faster and smoother. At AltSource, our first step is to learn about your business and assess your needs in order to chart the roadmap for your project. We're a quick study and chances are we’ve tackled a similar application for a company in your industry. With each incremental release during development, you see how the project is evolving and how it will look and feel before it goes live. You're free to change and tweak the applications during development to ensure the final product meets your business requirements to the tee.
Requires no license fees
That’s right. You own the code. You can even license the software applications to others in your industry and receive greater returns on your investment. You’re never at the mercy of a developer’s increasing fees for annual licenses and upgrades.
Is not as expensive as you think
Custom business solutions are more affordable than they’ve been in the last 20 years thanks to web-based applications. Years ago, only the biggest, multinational technology companies had the capabilities to write custom software. And only large companies could afford it. AltSource is leading the way to help mid-sized companies reap the advantages of custom business software by providing the features you need without expensive extras you will never use.
Made in the USA
At AltSource, all of our development is engineered and supported locally at our Portland, Oregon headquarters where we employ over 50 of the top West Coast developers and programmers. We've never outsourced development overseas, where much of the common industry software is coded, and we never will. So you'll never have to worry about security holes.
Our promise to you
  • We won’t work with your direct competitors
  • We won’t ever share your trade secrets or unique business processes
  • We won’t charge you any reoccurring fees for licensing
  • We won’t build unnecessary add-ons or features unless requested
  • We will provide you with the highest level of attention, service, and satisfaction
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